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February 27th, 2007 by nenad

Below is the Counterclockwise development log. Probably a very boring read. I did my best to keep writting the log, day in day out. That way I could always look back a couple of days and see that something is actually getting done. It was good for keeping the motivation up. As I read it now, the log is rather chaotic. Some important things were completely left out. Understandable, because project was moving forward in a rather hectic pace.

31. 8. 2006.
Final versions of music scores are in.
Checking, checking, checking.
Writing manual.
Uploading to RR server.

29. 8. 2006.
Finalized spalsh screens. Finetuned the chaser AI some more. Final color adjustments.

28. 8. 2006.
Final cockpit design made and implemented. It is possible to switch between hud/bar cockpit.
RR, 16×16 and whining girl 2d splash screens.
Testing twaking testing tweaking fixing fixing testing. Life is hell.

27. 8. 2006.
Balancing, balancing, balancing. Limit combo score to 2000.
Hiscore table slideshow starts automathically if idle on main menu.
Made the credits screen.
Music loading, playing and volume control (still waiting for final tunes).

26. 8. 2006.
Sound in ingame menu. Fps counter on/off from the settings menu. Dead chaser list on/off from the settings menu. Chaser trail flare bug fixed. flare animated by shearing.

25. 8. 2006.
Added limits on ammo, shields etc…
Animated combo text that pops up when combo is done.
Background color different for each of 10 waves. It was hard to choose 10 different colors that don’t interfere with the rest of the color scheme.
Decided on final collectable bonus designs and made the textures.

24. 8. 2006.
Tweaked trick trainer some more.
Added some new tricks.
Speeding and combo logic done.

23. 8. 2006.
Trick illustration generator is fully functional. Everything automated – illustrations are generated realtime.
Trick trainer fully done.
Alternate trick library for drawing trick illustrations (don’t ask).
Fixed bugs in menu descriptions and sliders. Added actual description texts.
Mouse sensitivity support.

22. 8. 2006.
Working on trick trainer intensively.

21. 8. 2006.
All sounds in, some are still placeholders. Sounds are played using fmod. Real 3D sound used for explosions.
Explosion positioning bug fixed. It was old and nasty
Number of minor bugs fixed.

20. 8. 2006.
Menu slides and menu sounds operational.

18. 8. 2006.
“TV static” effect when player crash into obstacle.

17. 8. 2006.
Hiscore tables done.
Replaced directsound with fmod for sound and music. Now we can easily play mp3, ogg or mod. Sound volumes are adjustable via menu. Bruno started working on music and additional sfx (I hope there is enough time to produce something usable).

16. 8. 2006.
Added Bankie’s voice samples (kickass!)
Chasers enter with some delay, not immediately at the beggining of the wave. Feels more natural.

29. 7. 2006.
It’s possible to switch between aiming modes: mosuelook / point and click / combined

28.7. 2006.
Chasers are highlited when hit by player.
Basic collectable powerup engine is up.
Added hitpoint bars to chasers.
It’s possible to toggle visibility of chaser names/hitpoint/bounds via settings menu.
Aiming crosshair is now constrained to viewport (finally). Mouselook is limited to 180 degrees. Invert mouse on/off is working.

27. 7. 2006.
Rounded cube appears behind the crafts when turning (no more hole).
Added some sounds, sounds are louder if source is near. It’s a cheap fake of 3D sound.
Implemented wapon projectiles.

25. 7. 2006.
Multitexturing finally added to the game. Chaser crafts now have mapped diffuse and generated reflection/specular textures.

23. 7. 2006.
Explosion and crash shake.
Trick advice hud is working (still needs some fixing).

22. 7. 2006.
Basic trick training engine is done.

20.7. 2006.
Finetuned the chaser AI. Behavior of chasers is now somewhat adjustable via several parameters. Settings files can now handle quoted strings (single quoting only). Color schemes can be loaded from conf file.

18. 7. 2006.
Fine tuned the menus.
Added targeting crosshair and alternate aiming mode.
Trick combo engine operational (but buggy).

15. 7. 2006.
Trick engine which was in works for last seven days is now fully functional (except the trick combos).

14. 7. 2006.
Loading of resources is transfered to separate thread. We can now have a nice “Loading” screen with progress bar etc.

13. 7. 2006.
Added arrow marker in the menu.
Automathically switch aiming mode to centered if mouselooking. Switch back if not.
Wrote a short analysis article on original game and put it on website.

12. 7. 2006.
Finished DirectInput wrapper. Now direct input trigers custom event messages. It will be easy to integrate it with existing code that uses messaging mechanism. Also, wrapper treat all the key press/release and mouse press/release events as same thing so it’s easy to handle key redefinition etc… It track the mouse movement too and it can return key name string from the keycode. Neat.
DirectInput is now used for controls.
Controls can be redefined through settings menu.
Fixed flickering of trail near the chaser.

10. 7. 2006.
Menu clickable by mouse (Left and right mouse click change the value up/down)

8. 7. 2006.
Ingame settings menu implemented (when paused). Added menu comments – additional text description that shows when user selects a menu item.
Fixed sudden disapearance of explosions when player wraps.

7. 7. 2006.
Fixed debris particles bug (particle positions are randomized after they are wrapped to avoid lining up because of the non-precise velocity tracking). Debris particle density is now adjustable via settings menu.
Implemented “Game over” state.
Implemented adjustable game speed/difficulty levels: slow, normal, fast, insane. It’s easy to add more levels if needed.

6. 7. 2006.
Color schemes support. Created 3 test color schemes. They are defined in outside text file and loaded into game at startup. Color schemes can be switched via settings menu.

5. 7. 2006.
Core code for saving and loading settings is in place. No real settings yet
Switching between fullscreen/windowed mode is now possible from settings menu.

2. 7. 2006.
Basic menu system is working.

25. 6. 2006.
I decided to enter RetroRemakes competiton with Knot in 3D remake. I already had a considerable 2D and 3D graphics codebase, mostly based on OpenGL. I started to refactor and organize it into new classes for Knot. Last three weeks spent in intense development of core graphics and gamestate engine which is now operational. Basic particle system (written in one day) is working too.

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