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March 2nd, 2007 by nenad

Slick and stylish with a gorgeously minimalistic approach to graphics and sound, CCW retains the sparsity that made the original so beautiful and wraps it in a captivating, breathtaking game of skill.

— Robert Fearon (RetroRemakes)


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Random bits of player opinions:

I had a good play through and am pretty impressed. Love the stripped down gameplay and styleAmazing overall professional presentation & user friendly interface.. more of a “dip into for a few minutes” type game, but definitley a good one. Loved the music & sound effects.. very atmospheric game.Counterclockwise – wow. Just, wow. What a corking game.Counterclockwise was by far the best [of the competition entries] I’ve played so far. Really polished and well made.What can I say, but wow! I’ve been playing the other entries that I thought looked juicy, but yours is way out in front for me. Everything looks really tidy and there’s plenty gameplay in there.CounterClockwise is by far the most impressive in all areas.. heh.. I know I`ve commented about it already.. but I`ve just been playing it more again today & I`m *loving* it!Without exaggeration this is the most fun I’ve had playing any single-player game this year, and that includes HL2 Episode One.Simple enough to pick up and play, but with just enough options (speed up, guns, combos) to enable each player to adopt their own strategy, this is exactly how computer games are supposed to be.I LOVE THAT GAME!!! It’s the only game that made me play it for more than 10 minutes (4 hours yesterday, 2 today) for the last 4 years, you sir OWN!!!Got a couple of “superior”s last night – think I’ve finally got the hang of it. I haven’t played a remake this much since Caff’s NOMAD. CCW is one of the best remakes of all time, for sure.CCW is a keeper for sure, a real coffebreaker.I’ve always held that games ought to be easy to learn, but diffucult to master. CCW exhibits both characteristics and is addicting to boot.[Counterclockwise] was very slick – kudos. I may send a link to my fellow former ZX Spectrum owners!This is one of the best games I have ever played! It is like doing the trench run mixed with tron and a flight sim!Nevertheless CCW is the perfect remake, taking a simple concept from the original and improving it to no end. Simple, fun, addictive.I’d like to repeat my sentiments of my blog entry by saying that this game is astonishing addictive. Well done! This one is staying on my laptop for some time, I have no doubt.Fantastic game .. seriously. I’ve come into it without the nostalgia factor, not having played the original, and counterclockwise really does feel very modern.It’s a proper ace game and is partly responsible for a horrible ache I’ve got going in my left hand.Just wanted to butt in and say that (IMHO) this is a masterclass in how a remake should be. It looks, feels and plays superbly and has enough of the original’s quirkiness to give me that nostalgic rush that makes me go back and play that as well.Its polished so much I can see my face in it. But what really gets me, unlike most of the other games, its not just a simple face-lift of the original.Its slick, fun and an intense experience. Great work for a 1-man band.

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